A Husband and Wife Team

We are a husband and wife team who enjoy working together and creating unique treasures out of granite. All of our items are one of a kind and hand worked by either my husband or myself.  
All of our stones are handled in the same manner. Each stone has the top edges rounded till smooth with the top and sides sealed. We work mostly with rough cut granite by cutting and shaping each piece which gives you the opportunity to see the quartz and crystals in the stone. All cutting boards, lazy susan, chillers and cheese boards have a sealant that is antimicrobial that seals against bacteria and stain. Oil candles are sealed on the top, sides and bottom to help with oil absorbing into the stone and also eliminate stone discoloration from the oil. Each stone is protected on the bottom so it can be placed on the most delicate surface without concern of scratching.



Our Recommendations for Gifts

By giving one of our unique granite creations as a gift, you are giving something that will be cherished for a lifetime!

Someone Who Loves the Kitchen and Entertaining

For the chef or person who loves the kitchen, we recommend our dining/kitchen Lazy Susan, chillers, Bbeverage/wine chillers, cutting boards and our decadent cheese boards.

Someone Who Loves Feng Shui

For the perfect gift in japenese style and relaxation, we offer granite table-top gardens enhanced with bamboo. These gardens bring nature and balance into our busy, over worked lives. Our granite gardens that also include a small fountain allow you to enjoy the soothing sounds and movement of water in any size space. Great for providing that urban and chic Feng Shui feel.