How Can I Use My Stone?

Chiller / Coasters– Place stone in the refrigerator or freezer for an hour or two – you can then place a dish or food directly on the stone to keep food or drink chilled for hours.  Stone can also be used to defrost foods quickly.
Candle Stand – Because granite is 11 degrees cooler vs. the ambient temperature you can burn a candle on top of the stone. When done just push the wax off and buff the stone to maintain the shine. Never leave a candle burning without supervision. Make sure that you have at least 3 to 4 inches around the candle for the wax to pool.
Hot Plate -Cutting Board - Lazy Susan - Stone tops are heat resistant up to 500 degrees. Do not put your stone in the oven – temper your stone by placing  a hot pan or dish directly from the oven or stove top to the stone. This will temper (heat) the stone and will keep your dish hot for hours. The bottom of your stone legs will remain cool and will be safe to place any surface.



How Do I Clean My Stone?

We use mild soap and water and buff with a dry towel. Do not use harsh cleaners on your stone it will dull the shine. 



Will Heat Crack My Granite?

Granite is able to withstand exceptionally high levels of heat up to 1000 degrees farenheit. This will allow you to move dishes straight from your oven or pots and pans directly from the stove onto your special granite piece without a problem.



What Is On The Bottom of The Stone?

Lazy Susans - have .75” reclaimed hare wood bottoms. Cutting boards, Chillers, costars have .40” slip resistance 100% polyurethane feet.  Heat safe up to 200 deg. 



Will I Need A Replacement Wick For My Candles?

Wicks are fiberglass and a conductor for the oil, the wick does not actually burn.  If by chance you lose your wick please contact us for replacements.